Macro Photography



Wet Butterfly

Ant on petal



Butterfly on lily

H2O Nebula

Dew collected on the head of some wild grass.


Dew on a head of grass refracting a daisy

Explosion #3

Last one...

Explosion #2

Some more dew on head of grass...


Dew collecting on the hairy end of a wild glass of some sort.

Hot poker ant

Ant on a hot poker flower

Picture wing

Picture wing fly

Solider fly

up close


Ant with jaws open. 4x lifesize and its on a marigold petal.

Ant's life

2x magnification of an ant feeding off something on a flower petal.

Mirid in pink

Mirid bug framed by a pink background from a flower.

Crab spider

Bug refraction

Mirid bug with some dew on it fron this morning


Feeding bee of some sort, don't know the species, about 6mm in size

Crab and its lunch

Crab spider with its meal


Jumping spider on a clivia leaf

Close and personal

5x life size of a bee feding off pollen. Narrow DoF used.


Bee feeding of a hot poker stymen that look like bananas

Pink Outlook

Mirid bug checking out the view

Mantis poised

Mantis up close. Used a new lighting setup on the MP-E 65mm. Slave flash to light the background, was not always successful.

Dancer fly (?)

Unsure on species

Dead leaf mantis

Dead leaf mantis which I photographed while it was looking at me. Lavendar grows behind it which gives the purple hue...

Jumping spider

Same jumoing spider on green can. Macro photo at about 3x life size.

Ladybird perching

Ladybird perching

Jumper portrait

Close up of a jumper's eyes

Picture wing fly

Jumping Spider on Green

Jumping spider photographed sitting on a green can. Macro photo taken at about 3 times life size.

Mirid bug

Brown eyes

Jumping spider close up of its eyes. Photographed at 5x life size to try show detail in the eyes.

Butterfly portrait

Shot at 3x life size and stacked from 4 images due to very thin DoF

Jumper portrait

Extreme close up of a jumping spiders face and eyes.

Ant on petal

Ant on the petal of a yellow daisy, shot at about 4 times lifesize


Jumper sitting on kitchen table top, photographed at about 3 times life size.

Crab Spider


Jumping spider sitting on a blue surface

Leaf Hopper

Leaf hopper on the petal of a marigold. 4x maginification.

Juvenile crab spider


Some insect on the orange petal of a Californian poppy

4mm monster

Mirid bug

Refraction in pink

2 drops of dew on a blade of grass refracting a poppy that is in the background...

Crane fly dew

Dew settled on this crane fly in the morning which kept the insect still enough to photograph. Generally they move around a lot in the middle of the day and are difficult to get a good shot of.

Robber Fly portrait

My first Robber Fly photo back in 2010, managed to find him in amongst the grass. Highlights are a little over exposed.










Devils Maiden moth

Older 2010 photo


Dew on fly

Macro image of a insect on a flower with settled dew on its wings